MI40 Doubling your Gains PictureWhat is MI40 and why is it so effective?

MI40 means “Mass Intentions”; this number is significant because it is characteristic of the INTENT, to induce TENSION in the muscle. Forty (40), is the key number, primarily because it has the most scientific significance in MI40 Workout Program. It represents of the number of days in the program, the timing of a set, the time between sets, and the quantity of exercises used in creating this muscle building protocol, as well as food and meal plans whilst following the plan.

MI40 Consists Of:-

  • Workout period is 40 days long.
  • Sets will be for 40 seconds.
  • Rest between each exercise is for 40 seconds.
  • A workout will be 40 minutes in length.
  • There are 40 exercises to work through.
  • There are 40 different muscle building foods recommended.
  • Part of the training program includes 40 day by day meal plans.

MI40 is the most effective workout program to build muscle and get lean in an amazingly short time. It is fundamentally unlike anything the major bodybuilding magazines or websites expound and is a product of Ben Pakulski’s in-depth study of the world’s brightest doctors, therapists, and performance coaches in the athletic specialization.

MI40 NOS Picture

The drive behind the effectiveness of MI40 is NOS ™ & Intentions. NOS stand for Neurological Overload Sets and helps build rapid muscle growth and drives you to smash through the plateaus. It’s these intense sets that ensure you never leave the gym questioning, whether you have worked hard enough. The other bonus of this system is that it makes sure you never worry about over training to achieve your goals.

MI40 Intentions

Is a specific technique which catapulted Ben Pakulski up the IFBB bodybuilding competition standings. It has enabled him to put on enormous amounts of mass very rapidly.  It is based on altering the angle and the lift technique of different exercises, which will allow stimulation in more muscle groups. This higher intensity, system drives you to work in a highly efficient way, exceeding anything you may of thought possible. The ultimate result is more mass, fast!

The MI40 push and pull technique is like nothing you may have seen before. For the untrained eye, no noticeable difference would be apparent. For the person actually employing the technique there will be a massive and obvious difference. So if you feel your muscles are not being intensely galvanized using normal exercises, with this Workout you absolutely will and your MI40 Results will amaze your.
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